Twin Cities Hoodies: Making the City Our Own

Twin Cities Hoodies: Making the City Our Own

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Hoodies are an iconic part of Minnesota culture. They're the perfect cold weather accessory to keep you warm, and they're great for showing your pride in where you live. Triple Crown is a small company that makes hoodies right here in Minneapolis, St Paul, or Duluth.

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Triple Crown allows you to sport the latest hoodie trends while also representing your Twin Cities roots, something that is harder to come by with big box stores. Triple Crown was created for the fashionably conscious soul that goes beyond style and fashion. When you wear Triple Crown you’re making a statement of cultural relevance as well as promoting your own individuality.

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Fashion Trends

We live in a time where fashion trends are constantly changing. What was popular last year might not be popular this year. And what is popular now will probably change next week, too! In our society of fashion, trends come and go faster than ever before. But don't worry about keeping up with the latest style because hoodies are sure to stick around for a while because It’s not getting any warmer around here and our love for MPLS is not going away.


Whether you’re sporting the oversized hoodie look with jeans and sneakers or you’re wanting to go all back with colored jeans, bright socks, some stylish shoes, we got you covered.