Letter to Headwear

Dear Headwear,

Our relationship goes far beyond fashion.  We have an emotional bond that is both empowering and uplifting.  While the intensity of the attachment may differ between hats, the strength of the connection never waivers.

Every day you help me tell my story to the outside world. And together our story is a unique one that can't be duplicated by anyone, not even if they were to copy our style hat for hat.  There are some who may not understand our special chemistry.  However, there are many others who seek to develop the partnership that you and I share.  That's why I created the Triple Crown brand.

Triple Crown was created to nurture the special relationship between headwear, her fanatics and enthusiasts.  As an architect of the brand, I promise to always honor you with the highest level of creativity and craftsmanship. I am committed to helping newcomers become aficionados and develop their own special connection with you.

With Loyalty,


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